Numerology – fortune telling

Every new year, numerology teacher talks about the zodiac’s fleeting fortune, and use twelve animal symbols to express the year’s luck. That is just a general speculation, but it is only a reference and cannot be generalized. How many people are born and death each year?  Is it only be divided into twelve categories?

 It is the simplest inference to discuss the fortune of the eight characters, and it is the simplest inference. It is for reference by people who do not understand numerology.  Fate absorbs the qi of heaven and earth at the moment of birth due to the environment, place, time, and the conditions of perfection and inequality are completely different for each person.  Some people are mediocre in their entire lives, while some people really respect ghosts and gods and can live well if they stay far away, so numerology teacher lives with their mouth, but they don’t know the good and bad luck after people’s contamination caused by their words. If not accurate, it will affect others’  How much ill luck the collateral damage will bring to oneself.  Therefore, a numerology teacher can only tell fortunes, some of numerology teacher use their physical disability in exchange for good luck or being rich.

 The reason why most astrologers suffer from misfortune is that they talk too much and are inaccurate, causing the world to bear the burden of cause and effect chaos. Words are the easiest to accumulate and create karma.  Numerology inference can be based on the logical numbers of historical trajectories to determine and predict events. The accurate determination of events is because the numbers and symbols have been determined, and they are waiting for you in the unarrived time or the process that has already occurred. If there is no numerology code accurate  degree, that’s just speculation, not consequentialism.

 Life does not use a few zodiac signs to solve people’s doubts, and the prediction of the arrangement of the stars will determine that it will happen, causing chaos in the world, and making believers mess up their lives; non-believers call it weird. Things are hard to come by before the blessings arrive, no matter what you believe or not, it still go according to their fate.  The common karma is the most disadvantaged, next comes the family business, and then comes the own karma. The fate of the karma is the common karma + the family business + yourself. Even if you’re strong enough you still can’t avoid it.

 How many people were born in the same year?

 How many people were born in the same month and year?

 How many people were born in the same date and same month in year?

 How many people were born in the same date/month/year/birth time?

 Of course, it is only by taking the time with the smallest number of births to decide the life that the accuracy can be achieved. In the theory of twins, the difference in birth time is very different. The fate of men and women is different, and the time of death is determined by fate. life is not the law of large numbers, the reasoning of the law of large numbers is that people can write books to sell, people’s careers are making money, don’t foolishly follow the trend of inaccurate numerology, that is your obstacle from life career, marriage , emotional and health.

 Everyone’s destiny in numerology has been arranged when you were born, waiting for your arrival. Some people are early and some are late. There will always be things that make you regret, no one can hide, The emergence of the COVID-19, the human -made common karma, those who should not stop breathing are on the dead ship, just because the common karma comes first, and then meet the dead karma in the individual destiny, and then is the karma of time.

 We are not superstitious, but we must believe in big data in statistics. It is data that crosses tens of trillions of trillions. It is not how many books can be read in this life. Every day has its own unique story of fate turning. Live and learn. The destiny is not to challenge the laws of nature with individuals, but to follow the conditions of the laws of nature to seek good luck and avoid evil to achieve a smooth and profitable process. We are not goddess.  The wisdom that god leaves creates a better life for yourself.

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